To accelerate sustainable development through active community engagement and participation in fostering development for the provision of social-economic services while assuring quality service delivery for the betterment of the district.

To enhance sustainable social-economic development by providing high-quality public services through transparency and accountability using inclusive innovative programs that provides a supportive and enabling environment for community development.

• To effectively regulate social and economic activities in order to maintain law and order.
• To provide a platform for participation of the community in decision making in order to contribute to good governance.
• To construct rehabilitate and maintain physical infrastructure and amenities in order to facilitate socio-economic development of the district.
• To provide adequate safe drinking water and sanitation to rural communities to improve public health.
• To facilitate land alienation and allocation in order to promote socio-economic development of the district.
• To efficiently and effectively manage the utilisation of human and other resources in order to improve service delivery.
• To effectively provide quality community development services in order to enhance the well-being of the community.